The Room


The Room

Sometimes I get pissed off. It happens. But sometimes the reason for my anger makes me regret the way I’ve lived my life up to that point. This is one of those times. Prior to last Saturday, I had no idea that this film existed. Because of this, I have missed out on so much that is now of the utmost importance in my life.

This movie is an experience. When we walked in, we were offered fistfuls of plastic spoons. Our quizzical looks were answered only with a “you’ll know what to do” explanation. And that reasoning was on the money. I now know why god invented such wasteful, environmentally damaging products: to fling at theater screens. My thanks go out to the gentlemen in the back, who, in addition to being able to spot framed photos of cutlery from miles away, were well versed in the art of heckling. Bravo, Sirs.

The plot follows the romantic entanglement of a group of folks, some friends, some not so much. And then there’s Denny. Hi Denny. Its scenes are probably the most dramatic ones I’ve ever witnessed. Its themes the most profound.

If it ever comes back to town…so help me god.


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