Buy a Book, Help a Kid


Steve Lowe, author of the fantastic body-switching comedy Muscle Memory and the sadly sexless Wolves Dressed as Men is doing an awesome promotion that you really need to get in on.

From Steve Lowe’s blog:

If you would like to join me in this effort, all you have to do is buy a book. Simple as that. Between all the versions of these two books that are available, the average royalty per copy I receive is about 25% of the price you will pay. Therefore, for each book bought from Feb. 1 through Feb. 28, approximately 25% of that price will end up as a donation to a very worthy organization doing wonderful work to help children in need. I will post the sales numbers for that month for all to see, and my ultimate goal is to send at least a $500 donation. Based on the averages above, that would come out to more than 200 copies sold. It’s a lofty figure for one month, but I think it can happen with your help. Please share the link to this post and let’s spread the word.

Muscle Memory is available in print version…

– At Amazon: CLICK HERE

– Or the Barnes & Noble website: CLICK HERE

Wolves Dressed as Men is available…

– In print at Amazon: CLICK HERE

– In print on Barnes & Noble: CLICK HERE

– For the Amazon Kindle: CLICK HERE

– Or in PDF format for other eReaders on the publisher’s website: CLICK HERE


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