At what point did CG blood become acceptable?


When I first saw it, I’ll admit, I laughed. It was campy and funny. I mean, why pay an animator to come up with something that can be better achieved with some corn syrup and food coloring? But the second time, I cringed. I cringed because I realized this was becoming accepted in the horror genre. When I saw it last night, I groaned. This is Wes Craven, I’m talking about. The mastermind behind Freddy Kreuger.

If it isn’t yet evident, I’m speaking of Craven’s newest film, My Soul to Take. It follows a group of teenagers as they’re stalked my a maniacal killer. Sound familiar?

Hunting down teenagers makes for good movies; I’ll freely admit that. But there are right ways and wrong ways to go about it. A Nightmare on Elm Street? That was a good way to go about it. Scream? Still not too bad. And I’m not the only one to realize this.

Old Wes did, too.

And that’s why he felt it was acceptable to copy all of his own original material to come up with this two-dimensional, patchwork piece of crap. If you’ve seen any of his other movies, you’ve no need to subject yourself to this one. The dialogue is awful, reminiscent of the shit that was acceptable in the eighties, and the monster hardly deserves the label. He looks kind of like Hagrid crossed with Swamp Thing. The whole thing was a letdown of incomprehensible proportions.

And with this, I am calling for the retirement of Wes Craven. Leave us with Freddy, Wes, and go on your way.


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