A deluge of assholes.


Two days ago, I posted a message about some asshole’s bumper sticker, to which I received the following response:

This made my day. Not because the article was funny but because the writer got trolled so hard its hillarious. One little bumper sticker made you so angry that you decided to write an article so wide in scope it included the ozone layer, 15 year old sluts, and wishing that the object of all your hate had been aborted. Well done good sir. Bumper stickers were the best way to troll idiots before the internets was born. Its good to see that the art of pissing off people without using a computer isn’t dead yet.

Unfortunately, this didn’t make my day. I wasn’t offended by most of the allegations. Travis (luxt44@yahoo.com) probably has a point when he says I got real-life trolled. Perhaps my complaints were spread a little thinly over a rather wide surface. And perhaps it was silly of me to get all worked up over such an issue. I don’t think that’s the case, but we’ll say so for the sake of argument.

What I take offense at is the use of the phrase “15 year old sluts.” Sexually active teenagers are not sluts. They are not whores. They are not inferior to anyone else. They are human. Humans want to have sex with one another. Fifteen-year-olds have brains that have not fully developed (as they’re still growing), which results in compulsiveness and, sometimes, poor decision making. They shouldn’t be judged too harshly for this, in my opinion.

The use of the phrase “15 year old sluts” really bothers me. This could be a case where I’ve been trolled again (jesus knows it happens often enough), but I really think this is the case of a disjointed and…well….incorrect worldview. I don’t believe that any fifteen-year-old should ever be judged in this way, even if it is just a stupid, off-the-cuff comment.

So, on behalf of teenagers everywhere: Fuck you, Travis.


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