Fuck Jacob. I’m Team Edward.


alleged Casa Gande resident

On Friday night, my pal and I made the long trek into Casa Grande, Arizona in order to partake in a theatrical experience of questionable quality. Now, I grew up in a town that gets made fun of a lot, but this was Casa Grande, home of methamphetamine and interbreeding….not unlike my own hometown now that I think about it. In the last year or so we’d been traveling around the Valley to explore the midnight movie culture that happens after the lights go out.

I don’t know how many we’ve been to, but there’ve been a few. We’ve seen CG birds, acting that could scare the skin off a puma, and Bruce Campbell doing what Bruce Campbell does best. We’ve had a swell time. So we were willing to take the risk and drive however long it took to see what our neighbors to the south had to offer.


What was the movie? I’m glad you asked. We drove all the way out there to see Werewolf, a movie from the nineties that you’ve never heard of. It was hilariously terrible, just as we’d hoped it would be.

What made it great, oddly enough, was not the movie. It was all the community. We gathered in this little converted storefront with a group of like-minded souls. Including the infamous, Midnight Movie Mamacita, who hosted the event. The showing was made interactive by the use of a text-in commentary system, so we were able to participate MST3K-style.

All in all, it was a blast. I highly encourage you to seek out such things in your town. And if you live in Arizona, I urge you to seek out MMM’s presentations. She always delivers an experience you’ll remember.


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