The last time I saw Joseph Wargo, he was half girl…


…and half awesome. Some things just don’t change. Check out his review of The Egg Said Nothing on his blog: Your Friendly Counter Counterculturalist.

In the meantime, please enjoy this candid photo of Steve Lowe.

Steve Lowe


4 thoughts on “The last time I saw Joseph Wargo, he was half girl…

  1. So, you’re saying the girl half wasn’t the awesome half? And you’re married? You’re fucked, Holmes. You have no idea the shitstorm I have just unleashed on you. Explain that, conehead.

  2. Steve, you’re just bitter because I posted an “after whiskey” photo. You may be all suave before you’ve started drinking the good stuff, but you’re a goddamned mess after the first sip. In fact, it sounds as though you’ve started drinking already. Of course I was unimpressed by Wargo’s lady side; I’ve only got eyes for my wife. Unlike you, apparently.

  3. So… you’ve got eyes for my boy half? Now I’m confused.

    Steve, my girl half is flattered that you think she’s awesome. That’s much better than Jeremy Johnson’s response, he kept giving my girl half “rapey eyes” during and after the showdown.

    Also, I messed with my keyboard a little more last night and today, same problem. Going to see if my roommate will let me record the song to his computer tonight or tomorrow.

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