Fuck Netflix with a Jagged, Rusty Pole

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Netflix sucks.

Apparently, Netflix doesn’t think it’s enough to raise its prices by 60%. To add insult to injury, now they’re enforcing a rule that prevents subscribers from streaming content to more than one device at a time (unless you pay for one of their higher-tier plans- which makes no goddamned sense at all). So, if I am in a hospital being treated for burns resulting from a heroic act (such as rescuing orphans from a burning church or single-handedly battling some kind of fire monster), I cannot watch the content I AM FUCKING PAYING FOR if my kid happens to be home watching Sesame Street.

Fuck you, Netflix. Fuck you with a jagged, rusty pole.

All of you assholes take heed- we did this to ourselves. We let this monopoly take over the world and now we’re slowly being sodomized by our own bad decisions. Netflix is slowly showing its true colors, placing it right up there in the same league as George Bush, Wal*Mart, Troy Gentry, and Rupert Murdoch.


5 thoughts on “Fuck Netflix with a Jagged, Rusty Pole

  1. According to an article forwarded to me by a friend on Google+, Netflix is saying that the streaming cap is a “glitch.”


    So it’s a glitch? Huh. I’m sorry, but given their recent changes in policy, they are quite simply not allowed to screw up like this. They better start trying this thing called “bug testing” because their customers are already pissed off enough as is.

    1. I sure hope that’s the case. I wouldn’t even care if they’re just doing clean up after a wildly unpopular change. I do find it curious, however, that the articles reporting this cite official Netflix policy. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t checked that primary source yet. More to come on that.

      But you’re absolutely right. When you make a change that is so unfriendly to customers, you’d better not make it worse by mere oversight.

      1. This is pretty much a cut/paste of a comment I left about it on Google+… but it think it works here too-

        Looking at the error message you get, this doesn’t look like a bug or a glitch at all. Error messages tend to be something general in nature “Error in module” or “Blah blah creation error” or something like that. I’ve seen a few error messages from Netflix in the past and most of them are along the lines of “Service is currently unreachable.” That’s all, that’s what it tells you. It doesn’t say why the service is unreachable, it just is..

        This error message tells you exactly what you’re doing to receive the error message. It’s very specific about what’s going on and, more importantly, what you need to do to correct the problem. I’m not a professional programmer by any means, but when I see a message like this, it’s not a glitch, it’s something that was coded into the system on purpose.

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