Help put Patrick back together again!


Hey world,

Yesterday, my friend J. Patrick Ohlde was involved in a rather serious car accident. He was airlifted from the scene in critical condition. Now that he’s stable, he’s left with a totaled car and more broken bones than I can count.

Why should you care? Because Patrick is one of the coolest, most likable guys you could ever meet. He’s a writer, an actor, and a paranormal investigator- in addition to his day job. But, more importantly, he’s a human being in need of your help.

You don’t even need to get off the couch. Just visit to contribute to the cause. I’m pretty sure you can achieve eternal salvation with the donation of a single dollar.



4 thoughts on “Help put Patrick back together again!

  1. I like how, under this blog, there’s an advertisement (which I’m sure changes with every visit), but this one says SAVE UP TO 40% ON VEGAS HOTELS. So yeah, contribute to the “save Patrick” fund and you can save BIG on Vegas hotels! Okay, not really, but you WILL be helping an awesome friend in need! đŸ™‚

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