Internet friends, meet Library. Library, meet Internet friends.

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I’ve been doing my best to maintain a professional blog, but it just isn’t working out so well. I’ve got this internal drive to keep everything separate and regimented, but it always seems to result in all my shit getting spread all over the place. Which is gross. As such, this blog is going to be pimped out with some new content from now on.

What kind of content, you ask? Library content, bitches. As most of you are probably aware, I’m a librarian by trade and a bad-ass novelist in my spare time. To date, this blog has focused mainly on my writing and reactions to various things I come across throughout my day. But I am a very deep person. I have several sides (at least three). You need to know about that third one.

Why, you ask? Because libraries are awesome. Librarianship is awesome. Libraries have a direct impact on your everyday life, even if you aren’t aware of it. These are things you need to know. You also need to learn about SOPA, copyright, tax forms, Linux, books, and all kinds of other shit. So, without further adieu, I give you the first taste of this new mystery flavor…

ALA Midwinter

On Thursday, I will be boarding a plane and heading from the smoggy desert known as Phoenix to the smoggy desert known as Dallas. Howdy, y’all. This will be my first American Library Association (“ALA” from here on out) conference and I’m pretty excited. It’s kind of an odd one to start with, as not a whole lot happens at the midwinter meeting. See, a few months ago, I was selected by the ALA as an Emerging Leader for 2012. As a part of the Emerging Leader Program, I have to attend the midwinter and annual conferences and work (and present findings) on a special project. The project I’ve been assigned to focuses on the assessment (from a collection development perspective) of video games. Yes, it is the most awesome library project ever.

I’m excited about visiting Dallas, too, if only because I’ve never been. My relationship with Texas has consisted entirely of my lobbing thoughts of disgust at it while New Mexico is sleeping. Who knows? Maybe it’ll win me over. There are two vegan/vegetarian restaurants (Cosmic Cafe and Spiral Diner & Bakery) within a couple miles of my hotel that I’m excited to try. And there’s a late night at the Dallas Museum of Art and a honkytonk band called the Undead Joe Trio. It ought to be an experience no matter what.


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