ALA Midwinter 2012 – Day 1


Instead of sleeping (like I should be), I decided I’d give a quick recap of the day’s events.

I left Phoenix at 11:30 AM on American Airlines. The trip was mostly uneventful. There was some slight turbulence and some Dr. Pepper, but nothing really worth noting. I spent the duration of the flight listening to the first half of a performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And, no, I’m not the most pretentious asshole on the planet: as it happens, I started my English grad program this week and reading the play was my first assignment. I was multitasking.

When I arrived in Dallas, I was greeted with hugs (via a sign) at the baggage claim. I collected my bag (which was technically a carry-on, but they ran out of carry-on storage and I had to check it (for free – woot!).

After that, I hitched a ride with a kindly cab driver who took me to the Magnolia Hotel (from which I am currently writing). The hotel itself is awesome. Although it’s got a historic hotel feel, the rooms are modern. It’s nice. I feel comfortable. And the view is awesome.

Since the conference doesn’t actually start until tomorrow, I can’t impart any really awesome library wisdom upon you. But I can tell you about the shit I did! Yay!

My first order of business was to check out one of the two vegetarian restaurants I’d scoped out on the Internet. My destination today was the Cosmic Cafe (actually, it was the other one, but I got my addresses mixed up). It was only 2.2 miles from my hotel, so I decided to walk and finish up the last of the Shakespeare.

Eventually I arrived (but only after giggling myself silly over the play- who knew it could be so entertaining?) While there, I had dal, nan, and a Garden of Emptiness salad. It was so impossibly delicious. If you’re ever in Dallas, boy howdy.

As I trekked home listening to the Drive By Truckers’ Gangstabilly (I’d started off listening to Bonnie “Prince” Billy, but decided my walk needed a little twang). It was the perfect Texas strolling music. I stopped off at my hotel again and chatted with the family (missing them like crazy). When we hung up, I hit the streets again in search of some honkytonk. I caught a bit of the Undead Joe Trio‘s set at the City Tavern. It was fun and exactly what I wanted to hear in a bar in Texas. The crowd wasn’t nearly what they deserved. And neither was my camera- the photo came out blurry as all hell.

Tomorrow, I will be in the Emerging Leaders workshop all day and then an after party at the same damned bar (I kind of liked the place, though, so it’s cool). I will hit the vegan place, too.

Good night and good luck.


4 thoughts on “ALA Midwinter 2012 – Day 1

  1. Yay! Glad to hear the veg restaurant was awesome! I’m a bit jealous. Also, it gladdens my heart to know that you enjoyed A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Shakespeare is neat. đŸ™‚

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