Internet searching: you’re doing it wrong.


One of my favorite parts of being a blog owner is the Big List o’ Mystification that is the search engine terms leading folks to my site. Some of them make sense (I’ll let you decide which), while others should be considered as some sort of avant garde text art:

Search Views
caris o’malley 93
horse dildo 71
horse dildos 17
caris omalley 11
netflix fucked 9
horsedildo 9
lick your neighbor 9
horsedildos 8
fuck netflix 8
carisomalley 7
the egg said nothing 7
does btguard really work 7
“bizarro fiction” 6
horse dildo girl 6
the magnificent seven tv series 5
word press and “caris o’malley” 4
the magnificent seven 4
caris o malley 4
girl horse dildo 4
me and my horse dildo 4
cheezus 3
netflix 3
gimme some sugar baby 3
way to go star 3
“caris o’malley” 3
hello i am not a monster 3
“lick your neighbor” 3
patrick ohlde accident 3
magnificent seven tv series 3
the egg said nothing torrent 3
netflix sucks 3
feynman ottaviani torrent 2
caris o’malley 2
where can i get a horse dildo 2
mail ate netflix 2
“the egg said nothing” ebook 2
kirk jones, bizarro 2
magnificent seven series 2
illegally intellectual 2
dildo horse 2
picture of kevin o’malley author 2
guns of magnificent seven 2
the magnificent seven series sez.2 2
the unwanted ebook torrent lisa mcmann 2
the magnificent seven series 2
map of the country we live in 2
“16 more to go” 2 2
caris o’malley lives in 2
narcism in black men 2
“sugar baby” “army of darkness” 2
horse didlo 2
“rubs me the wrong way” 2
salt n pepa poster 2
dildosandgirls 2
scott pilgrim gets it together zelda 2
planned parenthood destroying a generation one baby at a time 2
gold star background animated 2
caris o’malley blog 2
“caris o”malley” 2
images of the unwanteds 2
horse dildos in girls 2
caris omalley blog 2
horse dildo -gay 2
the magnificent seven costumes 2
netflix with persuasive writing 2
netflix by mail only 2
i need your fucking 2
girls that like horse dildos 2
hallow kitty picture 2
johnny reel 2
“k.i. hope” goodreads 1
horse dilto 1
steve lowe the crossing 1
zelda ii what to say to the elf 1
the magnificent seven 7 1
felix and the sacred thor 1
girl fail 1
horse dildo reviews 1
horsedildo jackson 1
vegan revolution with zombies 1
kirk horse dildo 1
“love in the time of dinosaurs” 1
“bucket of face” 1
2005 ужасы 1 1
self picture fail dild 1
self shot dildo fail 1
the seven magnificents serie 1
anita dalton i read odd books 1
chance the horse dildo 1
“caris o’malley librarian” 1
the egg said nothing free online 1
horse dildo mike 1
“bizarro week” 1
magnificent seven tv title 1
“infamous lost chapter” 1
horse dildo girl -gay 1
magnificent seven tv show 1
the egg said nothing caris o’malley free 1
guy n smith phobia 1
troy gentry writer 1
have you seen this man writter 1
the crossing cormac mccarthy horse stab blood 1
girls with horse dildos 1
horse dildo review 1
girl jus dildo on horse 1
the magnificent seven film stills 1
cormac mccarthy and eyeball sucked out 1
the crossing cormac mccarthy review 1
troy gentry halloween 1
we are destroying a generation one baby at a time 1
cariso’ 1
the continual condition review 1
girls and horse dildos 1
whay has netflix let me down? 1
o’malley, caris 1
caris o’malley wiki 1
o malley writer 1
fuck reed hastings 1
negative review ulysses 1
horse dildo foto 1
planned parenthood”destroying a generation one baby at a time 1
magnificent seven new 1
caris o’malley bizarro 1
girls using horse dildos 1
i was on the toilet and she turned and sat in my lap 1
“the unwanteds” and table of contents 1
the magnificent seven new 1
south korea illegal to download torrents? 1
scott pilgrim and the infinite sadness review 1
dildo for horse 1
caris o’malley library 1
randy woodard author 1
displaced writer 1
bad proportion ads 2011 1
bucket of face eric hendrixson review 1
horses dildo 1
horse like dildo 1
planned parenthood: destroying the next generation one baby at a time 1
unwanteds lisa mcmann torrent 1
the royale arizona 1
egg said nothing 1
horse dildoes 1
egg that said nothing ebook 1
caris o’malley writer 1
“eric hendrixson” interview 1
magnificent seven the series 1
book the flophouse 1
is netflix a asshole company 1
fucking winners 1
mag-7 1
caris o’malley kristen 1
did cg 1
“the unwanteds” download free 1
horse,dildo 1
caris netflix 1
horse dildo and girls 1
kirk jones copulating inanimals 1
magnificent seven on horse 1
lick your neighbor download 1
evil fuck stick 1 1
netflix streaming limit dvd mail 1
fucking+netflix+dvds 1
caris writer 1
fucking required 1
grande tart royal anniversair 1
k. i. hope 1
“caris o malliey 1
david sedaris narcissist 1
who first said gimme some sugar baby! 1
the egg said nothing synopsis 1
way to go 1
this is not a flophouse 1
animated gif cell division 1
caris o’malley displaced person 1
netflix stream on multiple devices 1
poster on cell division 1
fat vampire a never coming of age story ending 1
caris o’malley’s blog egg 1
bad as fuck jason armstrong 1
magnificent seven dildoes 1
error cell division 1
patrick ohlde 1
are you there narcissism? 1
me horse dildo 1
paranoral researcher patrick car accident 1
cell division funny 1
j. patrick ohlde accident 1
horsedildos girl 1
royale fucking 1
magnificent 7 7 samurai 1
netflix won’t fucking login 1
are you there nacissism 1
six to eight black men david sedaris essay 1
spaghetti monster get well 1
six to eight black men essay 1
netflix fuck 1
patrick mcgarry art 1
the egg said nothing caris o’malley epub 1
caris o malley blog 1
caris omally blog 1
this is not a flop house 1
patrick ohlde crash 1
egg caris 1
brie and beaujolais 1
“continual condition” book 1
giant open ass hole 1
magnificent seven dildos 1
help in fucking 1
chuck palahniuk monster 1
chris genoa lick your neighbors mobi 1
fucking rocks why 1
caris o’malley egg said nothing 1
the egg said nothing review 1
review “abortion arcade” 1
netflix is an asshole 1
pictures of horse dildos 1
magnificent 7 series 1
“the haunted vagina” 1
“fat vampire” review 1
abortion arcade 1
hello kitty coloring wallpaper for kindle 1
lisa mcmann unwanteds “bittorrent” 1
alain de botton 1
“bucket of face” hendrixson 1
way to go images 1
how can btguard and media insdustry 1
bad fuck com 1
“chris genoa” 1
teresa pollack 1
girls with horse dildo’s 1
randy m allen and o’malley 1
nanowrimo narcissism 1
anonymous downloading 1
ala midwinter dallas newborn 1
which caris cream would be good for a fair person 1
“eraserhead press” 1
k.i. hope 1
btguard mac utorrent 1
gaming libraries “review criteria” 1
lick your neighbor by chris genoa free epub 1
bizarrocon 2010 1
multiple pcs to download single file 1
billie gillespie 1
Unknown search terms 3


2 thoughts on “Internet searching: you’re doing it wrong.

  1. Horse dildos.

    Miss Success knows all about those.

    I think my favorite though is ‘help in fucking.’ Where does this damn thing go anyway?

  2. That is a pretty good one. I’m happy to report that my page is on the first page of hits when one does a Google search for “horse dildo.” I’m going to start selling ad space.

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