“No thanks,” you say. “I’ve got an early day tomorrow.”

And it’s true. The conference is stretching out in front of you. There are books to collect, vendors to talk to. And that great author will be speaking. The wrestler. The Garp guy.

Everyone bids you farewell as they make their way to the house, whatever and wherever that is. You leave the reception and step out into the street. You wrap your arms around yourself. It’s gotten unseasonably cold since the sun went down. You hustle it back to your hotel room and type out a quick blog entry detailing your experiences that day. You participate in some half-hearted Twitter banter. Ultimately, you turn on the TV and fall asleep.

Your alarm sounds the next morning and you’re eager to be up and out of your room. You help yourself to the hotel’s continental breakfast, getting first dibs due to your early arrival. The blueberry muffin is adequate.

You go to the conference. You pick up some ARCs. You eat lunch in the food court. You fly home. You go on to be a perfectly adequate librarian.



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