October 5: Double Feature Friday (Day of the Dead & Return of the Living Dead)

movie reviews

So how was Night of the Living Dead? I ate all the popcorn and fell asleep. I’m glad you stayed with it, though.

Tonight is our first Double Feature Friday, and it has its roots in that black and white classic you viewed less than twenty-four hours ago. Night of the Living Dead was co-written by George Romero and John Russo. After that, the pair split to follow through on their own visions for the development of the series. Romero developed his “…of the Dead” sequels, while Russo created his “…of the Living Dead” films.

Stylistically, there is a big difference between the two. Romero’s films are much more serious with political undertones. Russo’s are more light-hearted, finding more inspiration from The Three Stooges and less from Gone With the Wind.

Personally, I prefer Return of the Living Dead, but there’s no shame in favoring Romero. It all depends on how you like your zombies. Romero’s film is kind of slow (you can definitely see where his style influenced Night of the Living Dead), but it picks up as the series goes on. Return of the Living Dead is the film responsible for zombies’ affinity for “braaaaaiiiiiiinnnns.”

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Tomorrow, we’ll move a way from zombies. For a little while, at least.


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