October 7: House

movie reviews

I was going to start this little tidbit with a quote, but quickly realized that House is pretty much unquotable. Is this a bad omen?

Ah, who cares? The House series is one of my longtime favorites. I can remember renting this one or one of the sequels many a time throughout the course of my childhood. My brother and I always preferred House 2, which is a solid film. I decided to go with the original movie, the one that started it all, because it balances out the laughs with some genuinely scary bits. I don’t want you to think I’m all about the comedy. I like gettin’ scared, too.

House centers around a writer who recently lost his son and his marriage. He’s moving into his dead aunt’s house to pound out a book based on his experiences in Vietnam. The house, which, naturally, is haunted as all hell, turns against him and transforms his traumatic memories into ghostly, real-life happenings. This is one of those 80s horror flicks that doesn’t get the attention is deserves. Next month, you can venture into the sequels, which feature singing pizzas and prehistoric caterpillars.


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