October 8: Leprechaun 3

movie reviews

It was not easy for me to settle on a Leprechaun film to add to our Halloween list. Shall we venture into space? Into the hood? Into the hood again? I decided to go with popularity. According to IMDB, Leprechaun 3 is the most popular film in the franchise, with an average of 4.5 stars (out of 10).

This film picks up where the previous two left off. Oh, wait. No, it doesn’t. The first film ended with the leprechaun…exploding. The second film ended with the leprechaun…exploding…again. But whatever. This one starts with the leprechaun trapped in its statue form because of a magic medallion around his neck. A greedy gent removes the medallion in order to sell it for crack (I imagine), which frees the leprechaun from his stone prison. Havoc is wreaked! In Las Vegas!

Leprechaun is one of my all-time favorite horror franchises. Warwick Davis is brilliant as the limerick-spouting lep, bound and determined to protect his pot of gold at all costs. He is responsible for some of the most imaginative and gruesome killings available on VHS.


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