October 9: Critters 2

movie reviews

“I gotta go where the cosmic winds blow me. I gotta go… where no man has gone before.”

You remember Critters, right? Furry bowling balls from with teeth…from space? They’re awesome! In Critters 2, those fuzzy balls o’ love are back. After a clutch of Crite eggs are mistaken for Easter eggs, a whole town is put on motherfucking notice. It’s up to the lovable and hapless Charlie to return to Earth and defeat the Crites once and for all!

Or at least until the point in time where Critters 3 picks up the plot.

Critters 2 is memorable for two reasons. The first is the schizophrenic, shape shifting bounty hunter who still can’t decide what human form he wants to take. This time around, he spends some time as a Playboy centerfold, which is just kind of weird for everyone. The attention is soon stolen away from his garish Barbie-ness by a giant fucking ball of Crites rolling down the street like a tumbleweed from Hell.

I’ve got fond memories of watching this one at my grandma’s house, so don’t be shy about inviting ol’ Nana over for movie night. She likes a little camp, too.


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