October 12: Double Feature Friday (Child’s Play 3 and Puppet Master)

movie reviews

A wise man once said that there is no better way to start the weekend than with an overdose of killer toys. You’re probably familiar with Chucky, the plastic protagonist of Child’s Play. In this sequel, Chucky’s victim, Andy, is a teenager who’s been sent to military school. Apparently, the juvenile court system wasn’t thrilled that everyone around him kept getting stabbed to death.

Oddly enough, there’s a lot of opportunity for pint-sized slaughter at a military school. This film is the last in the series that held onto any semblance of horror- before Chucky gets married and becomes a family man. It also is notable for being the least popular film in the franchise, even behind that pile of shit affectionately known as Bride of Chucky.

Puppet Master is a lesser known film that has spawned eight sequels (so far). The franchise follows a group of puppets brought to life by some Egyptian magic. In this film (which has four prequels), a group of psychic friends gather to do stupid psychic things. They meet at a castle and are systematically killed by some rogue puppets.

You wouldn’t realize it, but Puppet Master is one of the better-quality films in the franchise. When it was made (1989), its production company (Full Moon Productions) had a partnership with Paramount Pictures. Somewhere along the way, that agreement went by the wayside. But that didn’t stop Full Moon from cranking these bad boys out! Eventually, SyFy landed the rights and paired Puppet Master up with Full Moon’s even lower budget killer toy franchise, Demonic Toys. Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys, of course, stars Corey Feldman.


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