October 19: Double Feature Friday (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 & Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter)

movie reviews

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is probably the most entertaining installment of the series. We’ve moved past the grainy, gritty 16mm film and on to something far campier. Which it good. As influential as the original film is, I’ve always found it difficult to watch. Most of it is boring. Really, it needed more chainsaws.

And that’s where the sequel comes in. It’s thirteen years after Leatherface carved up his first batch of college students. As it turns out, two of those kids have a crazy uncle who wants revenge. Lefty, a former Texas Ranger played by Dennis Hopper, tracks down the killers and decides to give them whatfor. Not with a gun, mind you, but with a chainsaw. Because fire is to be fought with fire, not with something more obviously effective, like, say, a fire extinguisher.

Choosing the best Friday the 13th for Halloween is a challenge. The original, of course, is probably the scariest. But the iconic Jason (big, hockey-masked killer) isn’t revealed until the third film. The third and fourth films are virtually the same, except for one significant difference: Corey Feldman.

As we all know, Corey Feldman makes every film better. In 1984, a young Feldman took a break from shooting The Goonies to play young Tommy in the fourth film of the Friday franchise and stole the show. Naturally.

Enjoy tonight’s gorefest. It doesn’t get much more gratuitous than this.


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