October 22: Drag Me to Hell

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And here, friends, is where the gloves come off. Now we’re getting serious. Why wait until the 22nd to get serious?

Why not?

Drag Me to Hell is one of the best horror films in existence. In it, Sam Raimi blends his signature horror/comedy with the classic morality tale trope. This is what happens when an otherwise good person does something bad for personal gain. It only takes one slip up. The plot centers on a young bank manager who refuses to cut an old lady a break on her late mortgage payment, resulting in the foreclosure of her house. The woman, fortunately for us, is a gypsy who is more than willing to curse the young gal. The resulting mayhem is both hilarious and terrifying, with more gross-outs than some will be able to stand.


5 thoughts on “October 22: Drag Me to Hell

  1. Watching this movie a year or two back I thought that it was one of the best horror movies I had seen in a couple of years. The gypsy lady was very scary on some occasions and they managed to make some fight scenes, some disgusting ones along with some humoristic ones. So I definitely agree with you. I thought that it was a great that they left the ending kind of open to interpretations even if the opportunities for them may not be too wide.

    1. Sam Raimi is always a director to watch. When he isn’t doing Spiderman movies, that is. It had a lot of real scares, some great gross-outs (everything landed in that Lohman’s mouth!), and some top notch humor. Have you seen the Evil Dead series? If you liked this, you’ll love those.

      1. Yes the vomiting and the grave site was two of those memorable moments. No I have not, but I will check them out when I find the time then, and if I can find the movies of course.

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