October 23: Intruder

movie reviews

Sam Raimi, as you might have guessed, is one of my favorite directors. His cleverness and ingenuity are things of beauty. But he, of course, was not the sole creative force behind his early work. What, for example, would The Evil Dead be without the great Bruce Campbell?

My favorite film in the Evil Dead trilogy is the second installment, aptly named Evil Dead II. The film takes the high-tension horror and superb DIY effects of the first movie and combines them with slapstick humor in a way that is both entertaining and immensely satisfying. Raimi co-wrote that film Scott Spiegel, the gentleman who brings us Intruder.

The plot follows a supermarket night crew as they’re slowly picked off by a psycho killer. The idea is simple enough, but it is funny and smart in ways slashers typically are not. Take, for example, the butcher who has no idea everyone is being killed because, for the duration of the movie, he is fully immersed in chopping up meat and listening to Japanese pop music.

What’s more, this movie has cameos from Sam Raimi (supporting cast!), Ted Raimi (dancing butcher!), and Bruce Campbell (police officer!). It’s truly a family affair. What more could you want?


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