October 24: The Human Centipede

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You often hear of films that push the envelope, like The Exorcist and Saw. These films are often highly disturbing and original. Refreshing, even.

But every now and again, you’ll stumble across a movie that opens the envelope, shits in it, and mails it back to you. The Human Centipede is that kind of movie.

Follow along as the good Dr. Heiter abducts some vacationing American coeds and a Japanese tourist and creates a human centipede out of them by sewing them together- mouth to anus. Watch as they try to tug themselves free! Don’t blink as they eat! Sit enthralled as they learn to walk as one! Argue with your friends about who would be the middle link! Pro tip: if you have a friend named Stephanie, it’s ALWAYS going to be her.

Take a chance and watch the one film in his career that Roger Ebert refused to assign any stars to after viewing.


7 thoughts on “October 24: The Human Centipede

    1. The sequel was kind of amazing in its surpassing of the nastiness of the first. Typically, when you get movies that try to outdo the original, they fail miserably. But The Human Centipede 2 really delivered. It was ten times as disgusting as the first. When I saw it in the theater, people ran out vomiting.

      1. Wow, ran out vomiting! I guess they were sensitive, but I was not to found of the disgusting midget and his crazy family. I’m not too fond of black and white colored movies either. I do however definitely agree with you, the seconded movie easily outshined the first one with its grouse content.

      2. Yes, everything from the filming to the casting seemed to be geared toward making the movie as unpleasant as possible. Definitely not going to be anyone’s favorite movie, but it’ll go down in history as one of the most disturbing.

      3. I hope they stop at the second one. Unless they’re sick geniuses (which I doubt), it would be tempting fate to try for more. Especially if all they have is a longer centipede.

      4. They will make a third one but I think they postponed it due to a quarrel between the director and an actor. I think it could turn out great but putting 500 people together might make the movie really blurry. Nevertheless I’ll watch it once it’s out.

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