October 25: The Exorcist

movie reviews

Wikipedia says that The Exorcist was awarded the much-coveted #3 spot on Bravo’s “100 Scariest Movie Moments.” I did some investigating and found that numbers one and two were held by Jaws and Alien respectively. Both of those are fine films, but give me a fucking break. The Gospel of Caris says that there is no film in existence that is scarier than The Exorcist.

It has nothing to do with pea soup or spinning heads. Instead, the very concept of a malevolent force that can, at its whim, take hold of a child is almost too much to handle. In this Christian society we live in, folks are so very God-focused. They pray to him for touchdowns and green traffic signals. But he is so abstract in concept that people forget the implications in his existence. You cannot have duality with opposition. If God is there, Satan is waiting in the wings.

And Satan is stronger than you. Smarter. More ruthless. It takes a pure man of God to even enter the arena of battle. And what happens? He loses.

No matter how many times I see it, this movie still gives me chills.


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