October 26: Double Feature Friday (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors & Halloween 2)

movie reviews

Wes Craven and John Carpenter. Neither of them is a favorite of mine, but there’s no doubt that they’ve had a significant impact on the horror genre and have firmly entrenched themselves in the Halloween experience. Tonight we meet up with Wes and John in what I’m calling Double Feature Friday Part 4: Horror at the Hospital.

The third installment of the Nightmare franchise brings us to a mental institution. Although Freddy is supposed to be long gone, Kristen wakes up one morning to find that the bastard slashed her wrists in her sleep. Her mother, ever caring, mistakes the wounds for a suicide attempt and admits the poor girl into a psychiatric hospital. Who does she meet there, you ask? Why, all of the other surviving children of Elm Street! It’s the most unlikely of neighborhood block parties! And what Elm Street Party would be complete without ol’ Freddy?

Halloween II. The critics hated it. I liked it because it represented a turn away from the methodical, plodding plot of the original film. This movie is a bona fide slasher, more like the Halloween rip-offs than the movie it builds upon. That’s just me, though. A lot of folks loved the original. I don’t understand those people.

This movie features a decidedly more active Michael Myers hacking and slashing his way through the hospital in order to get at that darned Jaime Lee Curtis. Here’s hoping he catches her this time.

Enjoy this evening. It marks our last encounter with mass market horror.


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