October 27: Donnie Darko

movie reviews

Some will argue that Donnie Darko isn’t a horror movie at all. I’m one of them. But it’s a very dark mind-bender that takes place on Halloween.

Donnie is a troubled kid. He’s nice enough, but he has problems relating to his family and isn’t doing so well managing his mental health. Shortly after the film starts, Donnie starts getting visits from Frank, a giant bunny that he alone can see. Frank says creepy things to him in a creepy way and seems to be linked to the mysterious happenings that surround Donnie.

Watch the Swayze as a sex offender, witness Drew Barrymore as she gives her most overwrought performance, like, ever, and learn the basic of quantum mechanics all in one sitting. If that’s not a deal, I don’t know what is.


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