Evil Dead Remake (2013)


So, the trailer for the new Evil Dead remake has been released:

Creepy, no? Watching this, I can’t help but get excited. Of course, that ever-present nagging voice is still there. The one that says, “Don’t you remember Friday the 13th? Nightmare on Elm Street? Texas Chainsaw Massacre? This is your favorite fucking movie they’re toying with! It’s going to be worse!”

But fuck that voice. I’ve been reading rumors about this movie for years. Bruce Campbell has endorsed it. Sam Raimi has endorsed it. I’m going to give it a shot.

So the deal is that this new movie combines elements of the first two in the original trilogy and adds a bit to it. So we’re not going to be dealing with a shot-by-shot reimagining. It is very clear that this movie isn’t intended to be even remotely funny. So we’ll see. Looks super gory and gritty.

Watching the trailer, there’s plenty of stuff from the original. All the important stuff, anyway. Chainsaw, evil trees, Necronomicon (though, admittedly, the book itself doesn’t look nearly as cool), etc. The crisp clear footage adds a little something on its own, a far cry from the 16mm graininess of the 1983 film. If I knew anything about the filming process, I’d say it here. But I can say that clean filming combined with the grossness of the scenes (if it’s all done right) has always impressed me. We’ll see, we’ll see, we’ll see.

Crosses fingers.

For reference, here’s the trailer from the original:


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