October 29: Dead Snow

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Picture this: a group of college students on Easter vacation decides to pass the holiday in a secluded cabin in the woods. Nothing could go wrong, right?

Well, nothing you’d expect, anyway. They are not attacked by a faceless evil or inbred rednecks. They are not infected with a mysterious disease that makes them all go crazy or ravaged by zombies. Okay, that last bit is a lie. But these aren’t regular zombies. They’re fucking Nazi zombies.

These poor students have to defend themselves from the frozen, reanimated corpses of the Third fucking Reich. And, once they find a secret weapons cache, defend themselves they do. The movie knows where it comes from and knows what to do. Sit back and prepare to be delighted.


9 thoughts on “October 29: Dead Snow

      1. Okay, because the thing that disappointed me with it was that some killing sequences were poorly done and some others were very unrealistic. I still liked the movie tough but those parts made the movie a bit worse.

      2. Ah! You mean the computer generated (CG) stuff. Like blood splatter and zombie action. In a movie like this, I am very forgiving of bad CG. So I probably wouldn’t have noticed it. Or, more likely, I laughed at it.

      3. The unlikelihood and originality of that scene made me love it. I really enjoy it when filmmakers do new stuff with gore, even if it requires a suspension of disbelief.

      4. True but I thought that they went a bit overboard with the unrealistic aspect there. I did really lie the “leader zombie” tough, he kind of made the movie for me.

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