October 30: Evil Dead 2

movie reviews

Ash is having a bad day. The lone survivor of the gruesome happenings of Evil Dead have left him sullied and alone, despairing over his dear Linda and wanting, more than anything, to get the fuck out of that godforsaken forest. The evil that lives in the woods, however, is not interested in letting him go. They want, they claim, to swallow his soul.

Professor Knowby’s daughter is traveling to the cabin with a colleague and some new hillbilly pals in order to finish the translations of the Necronomicon, the legendary Book of the Dead. When they arrive, they find a bloody, one-handed, trigger-happy madman. After the evil resumes its nightly attack, the group realizes that it is up to Ashley J. Williams to strap on his chainsaw and get a little messy.

Evil Dead 2, in my humble opinion, is the greatest horror film ever made. It is flawless in execution. For years, it has been my go-to Halloween movie. What could have possibly beat it for my top Halloween slot? Stay tuned…


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