Samurai vs. Robo-Dick


Hey, ya’ll! Just in time for the holidays, your favorite writer and mine, Steve Lowe, has released two new books: Samurai vs. Robo-Dick and Mio Padre, il Tumore. Both are available on Kindle at this very moment. Samurai vs. Robo-Dick will be released in paperback in the days to come. Heh. Mio Padre, il Tumore is free to download for a limited time. Here’s the lowdown:

Samurai vs. Robo-Dick

It’s been a few weeks since Benson returned to his parents’ home in the idyllic gated community of Grand Acres. He hasn’t seen them since. Ever since locking himself in the house with his supply of junk food and pot, he hasn’t seen much of anyone. When he’s finally coerced from the house and joins an ominous neighborhood group know as the Brown Shirts, Benson realizes things in Grand Acres aren’t nearly as tranquil as he thought. Even worse, there’s a samurai on the loose who is settling grudges in very violent ways.

Mio Padre, il Tumore

Born of radiation exposure on the set of The Conqueror, the worst film ever made, the stomach tumor that killed John Wayne lived on. It found a home in a new body and became Lucchesi, Northern Italy’s top bomb technician, a man loved by women and despised by men in equal measure. After an attempt on his life and years spent in hiding, Lucchesi must return to America to protect his only son, Vincenzo, from the shadows of his past, and to uncover the explosive secret hidden inside the World’s Largest Egg.

Get your hands on these now, before the world ends. If they’re anywhere near as good as King of the Perverts, Muscle Memory, and the hot, hot, hot Wolves Dressed as Men, these books will soon be the talk of the church book group!


2 thoughts on “Samurai vs. Robo-Dick

  1. I just accidentally tweeted this link out with the Twitter account I use when I cover college hockey for the South Bend Tribune. I don’t think the hockey fans would quite know what to make of this.

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