Camp Christmas: Jack Frost

movie reviews

Not to be confused with the Michael Keaton lovefest by the same name, Jack Frost is the story of a murderer whose DNA intermingles with snow when the paddywagon chauferring him to his death gets in a collision with a truck carrying a suspicious “genetic material.” This odd turn of events turns the criminal into a killer snowman.

In the odd little subgenre that is Yuletide horror, there is no shortage of monsters. This snowman, in my opinion, is one of the best. On top of his absolutely ridiculous origin story, he’s got a plethora of awful one-liners that give the Gingerdead Man a run for his money. He’s got icicles for teeth and hate in his little frozen heart.

I could spend a great deal of time describing the holiday-themed killings involving strings of lights, axe handles, and unusually festive decapitations, but I’ll leave that for you to discover.


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