Camp Christmas: (Sint) Saint Nick

movie reviews

Sinterklaas is not quite the Dutch equivalent of Santa Claus, but he is close enough for our purposes. In fact, he may be a better fit. Santa might be a bit of an oddball with his sleigh and his elves, but ol’ Sinterklaas delivers gifts with the help of a team of “dark” men, represented in the flesh by Dutch dudes in blackface. When you combine that with the terrible dubbing of the English version of the film on Netflix, you’ve got a recipe for camp cupcakes.

As this alternative history goes, Sinterklaas was a bad, bad man who was burned to death a long, long time ago. But, for some new agey reason, he gets to return every time there’s a full moon on December fifth. As you may have guessed, the moon is full this year.

And so it happens- kids are sucked up chimneys, parents get cleaved by axes, and a number of teenagers get inappropriate gifts in their high school secret Sinter gift exchange.

This one may require alcohol. You’ve been warned.


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