Camp Christmas: Jaws: The Revenge

movie reviews

Since I closed yesterday with some words with Leonard Maltin, I thought it would be appropriate to open with a couple from Roger Ebert: “stupid and incompetent.”

Jaws: The Revenge is either the third or fourth film in the Jaws franchise. No one is really sure. It is remarkable in its lack of continuity, both in characterization and plot. The story follows Ellen Brody who travels to the Caribbean to spend the Christmas holiday with her one remaining son (the other was killed by a Great White early in the film). The shark, of course, follows her and tries to eat her other son, too. Because it wants her to die a childless widow. Or something.

I don’t care who you are- this movie is brilliant. The shark roars like a water tiger. The last Brody boy is all grown up and tagging conch shells to study their migration habits. So, you know, forget Ebert. As one reviewer on IMDB no one has ever heard of said, “It’s not just so bad its good, it is so utterly bad it is incredible.”


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