Help make Heavy Nova a reality


Heavy Nova

Last year, me and a buddy climbed into my car and drove in excess of one hundred miles through one of the biggest dust storms I have ever witnessed to see a low-budget zombie movie. I didn’t have the highest of hopes, as I’ve seen a fair number of irredeemably bad zombie movies in my day. What we saw when we finally settled down in the theater completely blew me away. With a thousand bucks and a prayer, these guys (led by the brilliant Peter Leon) put together a zombie movie that was low budget, funny, and clever.

After that film was completed, Peter Leon and J. Patrick Ohlde moved on to their next film. This one was a comedy that centered on underground boxing. I wasn’t sure what I’d think of it, as I don’t give a holy shit about boxing. But those crazy fellows came up with L.A. Underground.

And now the time has come again. Peter Leon and friends want to film Heavy Nova. Here’s what they have to say about it:

So they need your help. Head over to their Kickstarter page and donate a couple of bucks. These are a couple guys living the dream, making art for the sake of the art itself. They’re 83% funded and there are just ten days left to help them out. Give until it hurts.


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