October 3: Mama

movie reviews

The stock market crashes. Dad comes unhinged and kills his colleagues and his estranged wife. He gathers up his two daughters and whisks them off, driving recklessly on a snowy mountain road. In a moment of distraction, the car careens off the road and the trio is forced to find sanctuary in an empty cabin. Dad decides to off his girls, too, but his plan is foiled by the entity that resides in the cabin. The maternal ghost violently kills the father and raises the girls as its own. A few years later, the girls are found and adopted by their uncle. Their foster mom, though, is reluctant to let them go.

As a parent, this movie touched a nerve. There are the obvious issues of filicide that are prone to discomfort, but also surprisingly touching takes on abandonment. The ending was maddening, but still well-done. Don’t be too hard on the CG and you’re almost guaranteed a few gasps.


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