October 6: Hellgate

movie reviews

hellgateI got awful serious for a few days there. Sorry about that. Please allow me to give your nerves a rest. No big scares this evening.

Instead, I’d like to introduce the first bit of schlock to this 31 Days of Halloween. Hellgate is one of those movies I saw in the video store as a kid, but never actually got around to watching. It tells the story of a girl who is kidnapped by a biker gang and inadvertently killed when her father tries to free her. Good ol’ Dad happens across a magic crystal that brings the dead back to life (and other things- like making goldfish blow up).

I love this movie because it exists in the nether realm that divides 80s horror and 90s horror. It’s got both feet planted in the former, making it the kind of awkward and strange film that you don’t often encounter. Did I mention that a goldfish blows up?


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