October 7: Return to Horror High

movie reviews

horror highWhen I was a young boy visiting our small town video store, my horror-hungry eyes never stopped at this movie. I was more often interested in monsters or chainsaws (confession: I still am), but Return to Horror High was a part of the background. It was as familiar to me as the mailbox sitting slightly askew at the end of our driveway.

So, after all these years, I watched it again. You should, too. This movie is self-conscious, self-referential, and goofy: Police are called to the scene of a massacre at a local high school, where a film crew has been slaughtered. Years before, a heinous murder had taken place there, which the crew was looking to reenact. There are plenty of goofy killings and nothing even faintly resembling dramatic tension.

This is a nice piece of 80s schlock. It makes for a good time.


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