October 8: The Human Centipede 2

movie reviews

So imagine some dude was totally into The Human Centipede. Imagine he fantasizes about it and gradually loses his grip on reality. Now imaging this guy as access to a staple gun and a warehouse where no one can hear you scream.

I didn’t think it was possible, but The Human Centipede 2 made the first pale in comparison. Not even in a snuff film can you find such depravity. There are images in this film that will never leave my brain. It is amazing to see a director take a film so far. It’s this sort of artistry that reminds me why I love horror films so much.

You don’t hear much about movies being banned anymore, but this one, in its full, unadulterated glory, is currently unwelcome in New Zealand, Australia, and England. Watch it. I dare you.


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