October 10: Bubba Ho-Tep

movie reviews

Hail to the king, Baby.

Elvis didn’t die. He simply switched places with an impersonator so that he could fade comfortably into obscurity. He’s getting on in years now and has moved into Shady Acres Rest Home. His best pal there is none other than John F. Kennedy, dyed black and made paraplegic by Linden B. Johnson. The pair of them team up to fight an evil mummy wreaking havoc in their rest home, a deplorable beast who is murdering senior citizens by sucking their souls out straight through their assholes.

The premise is ridiculous. But try not to be moved as you watch these two old men coming to terms with who they are and who they once were. Very few movies are this affecting while being this silly. Did I mention there are parts that’ll even tickle the fear sensors in your brain? Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis star in this film which was, arguably, the best thing to come out of 2002.


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