October 12: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

movie reviews

Every decade or so, some hapless director releases a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie that is actually worth watching. Catch this one now; you’ll be waiting until 2020 for the next one.

A young woman learns that she was adopted and that her grandmother left her a large house in the country. Way out in the country. In addition to the furnishings and Civil War-era silver, she also inherits a cousin who lives in an iron cell in the basement. This cousin has a penchant for dismembering people with chainsaws and wearing their faces as masks. Perhaps you’ve heard of him?

Leatherface has been treated sympathetically in the past, but I don’t think there’s a movie that has done it this well. Rather than being a psycho killer, he’s found his roots again as a sexually confused simpleton. He is unstable, but not entirely unfriendly, and has strong ties to his family. If you were put off by the last two Chainsaw films, take a chance on this one. You might be surprised.


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