October 16: Leprechaun in the Hood

movie reviews

No Halloween would be complete without Warwick Davis. In this film, the fifth installment of the Leprechaun series, the Lep comes straight outta Compton. A group of rappers accidentally free the evil leprechaun that a big record producer, played by Ice-T, had imprisoned. This awful little creature has a magic flute that casts a spell over listeners, which, when incorporated into rap music, makes for a very profitable venture. The Lep wants his flute back, Ice-T wants his flute back, and the boys just want to make some change. It’s like Boyz in the Hood only Irisher.

This movie, of course, is pure camp. The leprechaun smokes weed and does a terrible Irish rap. The cameo from Coolio only makes it better. It is something you must see. Right now.


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