October 22: It’s Alive 2: It Lives Again

movie reviews

it lives againA glass of wine. Plenty of iron. Folic acid. Prenatal vitamins. Antibiotics. Prescriptions. Pregnancy is not an exact science. Doctors are always learning.

Sometimes doctors get things wrong. It’s Alive dealt with this idea is a fantastic way- after following her doctor’s advice to take a certain medication while pregnant, a young mother gives birth to a monstrosity that kills a whole roomful of people before it’s even chewed through its own umbilical cord. It tackled complex issues about parental detachment and that old Frankensteinian quandary: who is the monster, anyway?

It Lives Again brings us right back into the monster baby universe. Only now, it’s becoming more and more apparent that other mothers are having very similar adverse reactions to this popular medication. More and more grossly deformed and highly agitated babies are coming into the world. The government is hunting them down, while there’s a league of underground doctors trying to keep them healthy in order to study them.

Fear your children. Fear them.


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