October 23: Night of the Scarecrow

movie reviews

What would Halloween be without scarecrows? Boring, that’s what. Unfortunately, scarecrow horror films tend to be ridiculous. Like Power Rangers meets the Leprechaun ridiculous.

The only true answer to this problem is the 1995 oft overlooked Night of the Scarecrow. This movie takes place in a small town where an evil warlock was buried in a cornfield after he was killed by the townspeople. And then some dumb kid with a tractor cracks his tomb and lets the spirit of the dastardly wizard enter the body of a nearby scarecrow. The scarecrow wastes no time getting down to business and makes it his personal business to off all the descendants of those who took his life.

Some parts are corny, yes. But there are death scenes that will amaze you. Ever seen someone killed with individual pieces of hay? Didn’t think so. And that’s just one of the many hidden treasures this unforgettable fall movie boasts. Scoff if you must, but you’re a fool if you don’t watch this movie tonight.


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