October 27: Idle Hands

movie reviews

I think you’ll agree, dear reader, that there are few things in this world as fun to watch as possessed hands. It’s hard to think of a more enjoyable movie moment than Ash doing battle with his own hand in Evil Dead 2. They’re not all winners, of course- I can fondly recall being bored to death just waiting for the hand to do something in The Hand.

Idle Hands is one of the good ones. Anton is a lazy stoner whose hand, for no obvious reason, becomes murderous. It kills his parents and his friends and some cops…just about everyone it comes in contact with, really. So, much like Ash, he decides to lop it off at the wrist. This, as you might expect, frees the hand and gives it the opportunity to rip the scalp off of Dexter Holland of The Offspring, who, by 1999, really had it coming.


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