Halloween: Satan’s Little Helper

movie reviews

Happy Halloween, everybody!

For the big night, we’re leaving the big budgets behind. Satan’s Little Helper isn’t the packaged costume you buy at Spirit Halloween Superstore. No, this movie is your dad’s old ripped shirt and charcoal smudged on your face. This movie is Halloween at its most basic level.

A young boy becomes a lover of Satan by playing a handheld videogame. On Halloween, he comes across a man dressed as the devil and offers to help him do his good work, just as he does in the game. Of course, little Dougie doesn’t know that the man in the mask isn’t Satan; he’s just a serial killer. Dougie brings him home and the shit quickly hits the fan.

This flick is heavy on the camp and has an undeniable creep factor. Pop it in the player and think twice before you let a masked man nuzzle your breasts.

Note: The trailer’s in Spanish, but the movie is not. I couldn’t find a trailer in English. You’ll get the point.


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