Bad Design: Scottsdale Fashion Square sign


Scottsdale Fashion Square I was minding my own business. My dear wife was off purchasing some bath accessories at Lush, so I was chillin’ with the children at the “play place.”

The space is actually quite nice. There are lots of structures for kids to climb all over, and, what’s more, they’re imaginatively-built. Any excited child can choose from a castle, a pirate ship, or a tree house, each complete with its own little quirks. And for the future abstract expressionists in the pre-school set, there are two well-worn, brightly colored, stationary ducks to sit on. The kids love it.

While I was watching the girls run back and forth, I happened upon this sign. I read it from the top down, and then I read it again. And then I frowned.

Surely, an establishment that puts this much thought into an indoor playground can do better than this. The colors of the sign are nice, and the fonts are reasonable enough. Why would someone go to the effort of printing the same information twice? This was a really silly design choice.

It would be far better for the designer to include the information once- after all, I do want to know when the play area is closed- and do something to distinguish it from the rest of the text. While it is true that repetition helps us remember things, that concept should not be applied to sections of text on the same sign.


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