October 30: All Hallows’ Eve

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Let’s be honest: this year’s October horror releases have been pretty terrible. The new Child’s Play sequel was released a while back and that silly looking Carrie remake is in the theaters, but that’s about it. If, like me, you were looking forward for some decent theatrical horror releases this month, you’ve been sorely disappointed.

And this is where straight-to-video saves the day. Most people will not have heard about All Hallow’s Eve, which was released yesterday. It is, hands down, the Halloween film of 2013. Mainly because there were no others.

This film is very similar to V/H/S. It’s an anthology with three loosely intertwined stories, all of which feature the delightfully creepy Art the Clown. In spite of the low budget, this clown manages to be sufficiently creepy. There are a few rare moments when he actually got my heart pounding a bit. The movie feels like a nightmare. It’s disjointed and inconsistent, but there’s no denying that it has that something that other films this year have not.


October 5 – V/H/S

movie reviews

Me and anthologies don’t get along so well. It seems that the good segments are always too short, and the bad ones are too long. Every now and again, though, an anthology comes along that really has it together.

There are so many parts of V/H/S that are genuinely creepy. There’s a great ghost story, a freaky succubus, and a festive haunted house. The movie consistently goes where you don’t want it to, which makes it a great one to watch in the dark by yourself. In a horror era where found footage flicks are a dime a dozen, this movie stands out as a serious contender.