October 1: Hell Baby

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Hell-Baby-PosterI’d like to start off by saying that this movie is horrible. I hated it with a passion. But there’s just no denying that it has a little bit of festive something to it.

A couple, expecting twins, moves into a gigantic house in the ghetto. The woman, unexpectedly, becomes possessed by the devil, who, apparently, infects one of the babies. There’s a bunch of peripheral characters that are mildly entertaining, such as the Wiccan sister fresh off the rez, the good southerner who lives in the crawlspace, a pair of antagonistic cops, and two perverted, chain-smoking priests looking to vanquish Satan’s offspring.

The idea is funny, but movie itself is so overdone that it hurt my brain. If you’re a fan of Scary Movie 2, this is going to be right up your alley.


Beaujolais Nouveau and Brie



After finishing up Lost Boys: The Thirst, I thought my night couldn’t get any better. Watching Corey Feldman as the epic Edgar Frog was enough to move my night from okay to fantastic. I was quite pleased with this film, as it represented an excellent progression in the Lost Boys franchise. There was more badassery than ever, including a holy water grenade launcher and the most epic vampire death sequence in the history of the world.

Needless to say, I climbed into bed with my head swimming. I flicked on the television, hoping for a little something to help bring my excitement down a bit and what do I find? Suburban fucking Commando.

If you have not seen this 1991 sci-fi gem, you really must. I insist. Hulk Hogan in his prime, kicking asses and…well….mostly just kicking asses. But in a space suit.

Never before have I known two films to go so well together so unexpectedly.