October 9: Basket Case

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So say you’re a normal teenager with a conjoined twin. Say your dad decides that your brother is an unholy abomination and hires a crack team of veterinarians to perform a sibling extraction on your dining room table. What do you do?

You pick your brother out of the trash and put him in a basket, that’s what. Then you cart him around with you to get revenge on those awful vets.

Basket Case is one of the finest horror specimens the 80s has to offer. It’s got bad acting, worse editing, and the most epic half-a-torso claymation scenes in movie history. When you’re done, it’s got two sequels for your viewing pleasure.


My 2010 Top Ten Halloween Movie List


1. Evil Dead II

The quintessential Halloween movie. It’s got everything: possessed hands, chainsaws, gallons and gallons of blood. Evil Dead II is a masterpiece of horror comedy.

2. Trick ‘r Treat

It’s creepy as hell. So many dead kids…

3. Pumpkinhead

If you’re going to kill a man’s son, make sure you do it in a town without a pumpkin patch.

4. Hellraiser

Celebrate your hedonism! Celebrate it!

5. Dead Alive

Stop motion rat monkeys and the single greatest zombie death scene in the history of the world.

6. Slither

A new classic. You’ll never take a bath again.

7. Dawn of the Dead

This remake of Romero’s classic is creepy and fun. Influenced zombie growls like no other movie in recent history.

8. Let the Right One In

The only reason this isn’t higher up on the list is because it makes me feel cold. It is scary as hell and so well done, you won’t believe it’s a horror movie. The new American version can suck it.

9. Orphan

You might see it coming, but you still won’t be prepared.

10. The Lost Boys

Halloween ain’t Halloween without a little camp. And the Frog brothers.