October 20: Three… Extremes

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This is the movie that first piqued my interest in Asian horror. Three films from three different directors from three different East Asian countries. The films are…messed up. To an insane degree.

Each of these films is very subtle and understated. Each one will hit you in a way you don’t expect. Because of the length of each, I can’t say much without spoiling the plots, so I’ll keep quiet. Tonight’s installment is deadly serious and, as the late Roger Ebert said, “deeply, profoundly creepy.”


October 14: American Mary

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When you look at the best-of horror lists of 2012, American Mary is a standard inclusion. This movie finds its roots in the controversial I Spit On Your Grave and attempts to reach contemporary torture porn audiences by blending in a Hostel flavor. And that attempt is successful.

The resulting film is a humorous, thoughtful, and sickening take on the woman’s revenge trope. Mary is a bright medical student who is raped by one of her professors. The event overwhelms her and prompts her to drop out of med school. Only, she doesn’t fade into obscurity. Instead, she puts her medical training to use performing underground body mod surgeries- and in getting revenge on the professor who did her wrong.

October 8: The Human Centipede 2

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So imagine some dude was totally into The Human Centipede. Imagine he fantasizes about it and gradually loses his grip on reality. Now imaging this guy as access to a staple gun and a warehouse where no one can hear you scream.

I didn’t think it was possible, but The Human Centipede 2 made the first pale in comparison. Not even in a snuff film can you find such depravity. There are images in this film that will never leave my brain. It is amazing to see a director take a film so far. It’s this sort of artistry that reminds me why I love horror films so much.

You don’t hear much about movies being banned anymore, but this one, in its full, unadulterated glory, is currently unwelcome in New Zealand, Australia, and England. Watch it. I dare you.